Community Rides


The Velo Force Community Ride holds a special place to many of us. It’s where we first met the team and got our legs under us. Each Saturday, we’ll set a route, a duration, a pace, and welcome all riders that feel like participating in our group ride, or at the very least, hanging on to build up endurance until you can go all of the way! Together, we’ll practice safe riding, learning to ride in a group, and being good users of the road in St. Louis.

Our Rules – Safety First

  • Helmets and safety equipment required
  • Ride two abreast unless unsafe, then single file
  • No overlapping wheels
  • Stop at stop signs and stop lights
  • Call out road hazards and signals to your fellow riders
  • Do not antagonize drivers
  • Protect yourself – wear sunscreen
  • No dangerous riding, whether to yourself, or to others

Our Rules – Etiquette

  • Take a pull when it’s your turn, or be open if you are gassed and need to pass
  • Don’t surge and maintain a pace that the ride leader has set for the group
  • Be conscientious of other riders that are learning or struggling
  • Be kind